COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR TEENAGERS 13 years old – 19+ years old Minimum 4 students in a class More complex courses. In these courses, students must be able to understand and identify complex vocabulary, describe situations and interact...


COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR CHILDREN Ages 5 – 8 years old Minimum 4 pupils in a class Children learn through a 'hands on' experience, ie through communicative activities and games, using the natural energy and ability of. ..


COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR JUNIOR Ages 9 – 12 years old Minimum 4 students in a class The junior course provides a basic knowledge of English, focusing on simple verbs, grammar and vocabulary. This course is specifically designed...
Preparação para Exames de Cambridge

Cambridge Exam Preparation

CAMBRIDGE EXAM PREPARATION COURSE DESCRIPTION Regular Preparation Course — 96 hours Minimum 4 students per class Cambridge Exams are designed to assess how English learners communicate in real-life situations, and are recognized for...


DESCRIPTION OF ADULT COURSES These courses are structured according to student levels. Classes are planned with interesting and relevant topics for Adults with the aim of being able to develop their learning in a motivating and enjoyable way. O...